Now, I have to disagree with you, Umair, for the first time in the year I have been reading every single one of your articles.

I wholeheartedly agree that Brexit was the stupidest decision ever made by the deliberately misinformed British nation. However, we have not experienced ''the doom and gloom'' - any of the disasters you described.

There were delays of delivery lorries at the border from France for about 2 days - then this was sorted. The procedures seem smooth at the moment.

There are no shortages in the shops of anything - everything is just as it has always been. You may say ''just you wait'' - well, perhaps in the future there may be, but there aren't any now. Nobody is complaining anywhere in the country. We are still accessing the same EU goods. The prices have not gone higher. As for medicines - I don't know.

I recently sent a package from the UK to the EU - it arrived within days; no problem. Yes, the shipping fee had gone higher, but then I don't send stuff that often.

Could it be that you related your fears and predictions as if they were reality? They are not - at least not at the moment. I hope they don't happen at all.

The pandemic: please remember that the UK DID have a full lockdown for 5 full months. Please do not say any more that we didn't (it's the second time you've said that, and it is not true). Yes, we did have 1 partial lockdown, but we have had 3 full lockdowns, to the total of 7 months, the schools included. The virus is spreading because of people not being disciplined and many not even believing the virus is real - conspiracy theories rather than governmental failures.

Do not forget that the lockdown has had extremely negative consequences on people's mental health, especially young people. My son's best friend, a 14-year-old boy, committed suicide 10 days ago. He got severely depressed because of the isolation the full lockdown put him in. He was not able to see his friends for 7 months; and he was such an outgoing boy, always surrounded with friends. The reason Boris Johnson put up such a fight before closing the schools for the third time was his concern about the mental health of children and young people. He was right. The lockdown (not only the virus) can be lethal.

And yes, UK police are trying their best to punish those who break the lockdown rules, to the point of themselves being beaten, abused and spat on by the public (something that would never happen to a US policemen, right? They would shoot the transgressors and kill them first). And yes, the fines are high, and the police have issued 45 000 of them only in the last month. People just don't give a toss.

It's not always the government's fault.

No, the new virus strain was nowhere near the fault of government policies. It was the stupid undisciplined public.

The new strain appeared later in the US, in Brazil, in South Africa. Not because the British government had their policies wrong. The government do understand the danger and they do warn the public. The virus just mutates. And the public doesn't care.

And no, all the Lords in the House of Lords are not misinformed or malignantly wish evil to the people. Many of them (even including Boris, though he is a Commoner) do care.

And no, we have never boasted with the fact that our death rates are the highest in the world - unlike Donald Trump, who did. We have been very, very concerned with this fact. Including Boris Johnson, who himself was at death's door, so he is anxious for others going the same way.

Last piece of misinformation - UK death rates are now going down - they've halved within days. Daily new cases, too. We are no more ''top of the world''. We have never boasted with that.

Yes, I do agree about the second dosage of the vaccine being administered 3 months' later - there have been debates that this would not be at all helpful. But science has not been adamant - not like you have. Scientists have not yet declared if the second shot being administered late would invalidate the vaccine. Perhaps reduce the percentage of coverage, yes - but not invalidate the vaccine.

Finally, you mentioned the Pfizer model - perhaps, that is the case with Pfizer. But Oxford is also administered 3 months' between shots; and Oxford is not the same as Pfizer; you never mentioned this distinction. At the moment the UK is administering more Oxford than Pfizer.

Yes, you are my favourite writer and economist.

Yes, I admire you beyond description.

Yes, I will continue reading every essay of yours, as in the last year I have learned more about life than in my many years before.

But please, please, especially when you write about a country that is not yours - CHECK AND DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR FACTS!!! Some of them are simply not true.

Eternal student in empathy. Interested in everything. Still trying to find my place in this world. Passionate for social justice. Fan of Umair Haque.