And It Is Bad For My Health

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When I was about to move to the UK from my Eastern European home 20 years ago, people tried to warn me.

“Choose a better country”, they said, “The UK is backward. It can’t prepare you for a modern capitalist competition”.

I didn’t listen, so I went on to experience all that backwardness.

I’ve been experiencing it ever since.

Disclaimer: The UK has been improving over the last 11 years, since tying a closer relationship with US hedge funds and US policies in general, not in the least with the US-type mentality. …

He was reduced to sneaking away from his own child, like the sociopath he is

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My son is not the only child with divorced parents, though not many kids live half of their time with mum and half — with dad — like he does. He does not mind — he tolerates our weird arrangements.

His Dad is with “the love of his life” — a woman my son puts up with because she makes his Dad happy. The problem is that this woman can cause Dad to ignore his child, which causes me much pain.

In the year before lockdown, my ex had promised our son to take him sightseeing in London. …

Those tragic poets

Assia Wevill’s story intertwines complex fragility with crime


For those who saw her for the first time, she was dazzling with beauty.

For the loyal fans of Sylvia Plath, she was her husband’s stealer and her (inadvertent) killer.

For those obsessed with crime, she was the perfect study subject.

Will we find anything different, if we peep beyond the veil of the adulteress,

the child-murderer,

the suicide?

Her lover, the English poet Ted Hughes — tall, rough-looking, Yorkshire-gorgeous in his lion-bulkiness (Daniel Craig in the 2003 film does not do him any justice) — puts it perfectly in blank verse:

We didn’t find her — she found us…

Whispers from the UK

An attempt at a balanced approach to his life


I am not only a non-royalist; I am an anti-royalist.

I have very little patience for the most renowned UK family in my beloved adopted country.

The rare occasions I read about the Windsors are mostly when their latest gaffes are made public —like Prince Andrew partaking in the sexual abuse of trafficked minors on Epstein’s island and then getting away with it, just for being royal. I then have the chance to gloat on social media: “Look at them making the world’s pages again; we would be so much better off without that embarrassment”.

When BBC announced the Prince’s…

Marketing Tips

And avoid the mistakes, other marketers make — Part 1


Based on some principles learned from, QUORA, and personal experience.

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Medium is full of tips on how to start your own business (writing or otherwise) and market it. Starting an email list is often pointed out as a vital aspect of marketing.

Yes, email marketing is still frequently being mentioned, because it is still the NUMBER ONE most effective marketing method, compared even to social media marketing, paid, or video marketing. Businesses that use email to connect with their customers get a 60% higher chance to generate revenue compared to businesses that don’t.

In my “spam” mailbox I get…

Love Poetry (For Women)

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War paint on, I leave my apartment.

Sliding doors slam behind my over-scrubbed, over-painted self –

Groomed to the nines, to the last shiny nail

(Sharp, ready to scratch a heart out,

Just like, moons ago, my own heart was pierced

By curvy claws

And buried to bleed).

Teeth – sharp behind triple-glossed lips,

Rehearsed to bitchily bite

In self-defense.

You can never be ready enough.

How many pieces of self-protection does a woman need to pack

Before she enters the floods of the dark?

How many layers of armory does a heart need to wrap itself in

Before its…

Education Matters

Is hyperlexia a “special need”?

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I learned to read at two and a half. At 3 I was reading “serious” books. From there, I learned spelling, grammar, and punctuation, which I followed precisely when I first started writing, at 4. I did not have to learn these from a teacher. Books themselves taught me.

I have only just learned that this was particular neurological wiring, with a “proper” name — “hyperlexia”. I came upon the name accidentally, in a Medium article.

Unfortunately, academic research on this phenomenon holds mainly the outdated stance that it is associated with autism. …

Writer’s Brain

Confessions of a writer-synesthete

Illustration of Synesthesia — source: on Google

I seem to have an unusual brain, which for me is “normal”, as I have never known anything different.

Since childhood, I have pictured letters and numbers in color, with a specific texture, or even taste. I like some colors and textures more than others. So it is a pleasure to pronounce words like “lily” and imagine its rich yellow color and glossy feeling in my head.

Words like “scarcity”, for example, are much less pleasurable to say — they sound like the screeching of nails on a glass surface — some cringe at that sound. …

Up close and personal

Because I didn’t believe I deserved the right one.

I have found that love and relationships are much intertwined with valuing and loving yourself.

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I have been a people-reader since I was a child.

I can quickly size up men’s outer appearance, body language, vocabulary range, or use of intonation, to make immediate mental suppositions about their social status, character, and values; then decide if they are the “right man for me”.

The outcome is, mostly, “naaah”.

Until Luke.

He was the son of old friends. They had everything — the money (they had been part-supporting me through college), the expensive house, the ideal marriage, the 3 healthy children…

‘’Power Posing’’ is the psychological ‘’Fake It Till You Make It’’

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Have you thought about what is behind Superman's power poses?

Imagine a nervous candidate at a job interview. Her arms cling to her body, her hand — half-hiding her mouth. She has made herself look small.

Chrissie Powers

Eternal student in empathy. Interested in everything. Still trying to find my place in this world. Passionate for social justice. Fan of Umair Haque.

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