He was reduced to sneaking away from his own child, like the sociopath he is

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My son is not the only child with divorced parents, though not many kids live half of their time with mum and half — with dad — like he does. He does not mind — he tolerates our weird arrangements.

His Dad is with “the love of his life” —…

Those tragic poets

Assia Wevill’s story intertwines complex fragility with crime

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For those who saw her for the first time, she was dazzling with beauty.

For the loyal fans of Sylvia Plath, she was her husband’s stealer and her (inadvertent) killer.

For those obsessed with crime, she was the perfect study subject.

Will we find anything different, if we peep beyond…

Marketing Tips

And avoid the mistakes, other marketers make — Part 1


Based on some principles learned from https://www.digitalmarketer.com/, QUORA, and personal experience.

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Medium is full of tips on how to start your own business (writing or otherwise) and market it. Starting an email list is often pointed out as a vital aspect of marketing.

Yes, email marketing is still frequently being…

Up close and personal

Because I didn’t believe I deserved the right one.

I have found that love and relationships are much intertwined with valuing and loving yourself.

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I have been a people-reader since I was a child.

I can quickly size up men’s outer appearance, body language, vocabulary range, or use of intonation, to make immediate mental suppositions about their social status…

Chrissie Powers

Eternal student in empathy. Interested in everything. Still trying to find my place in this world. Passionate for social justice. Fan of Umair Haque.

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